First post of a Gardener in France

This Blog is written by Colin Elliott of the Garden Design Academy and rises, Phoenix-like, from the ashes of a number of similar blogs written over a period of nearly ten years.

After blogging my thoughts and posting hundreds of garden and plant photographs as a  garden designer, landscaper and horticulturist in the UK, the tone has now changed along with my new location in rural central France..

I trust  readers will enjoy what I have to offer, with it’s new French twist and more than a little support from le bon vin de la Touraine.

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11 thoughts on “First post of a Gardener in France

  1. Good luck on your gardening adventures in France! I like your berry photos. This is the time of year for berries to shine in my garden as well. I am really looking forward to your future posts. You have so much experience, and I know I will find tips i can apply even to my southeast USA garden. I love garden books- I must have about 30 to 40 of them, and I’m running out of space to store them. I read them all, again and again.

    • South East USA sounds like the place to be at the moment. After my smug remarks about how kind the climate is here we have -6 degrees C and snow today. Its just above freezing in the porch / conservatory though so the Hydrangea I didn’t get around to planting last week is hiding in there with my winter flowering Camellias, the tree fern and Grannies Christmas Cactus.

  2. Oh My. This post and the previous had me salivating! Oh to be in warmer climes where wisteria grows easily. I can almost smell the robinia. Then off to the neighbours in a work exchange (I am sure they would help you out in a pinch)returning home bearing plants. Does it get better than this?

  3. fantastic blog Colin, I have added it to my list of favourite blogs on my tomato growing blog, and my French Classified business blog, which is also about life in France.

    I am sure I will spend hours going through all your post, so much good advice.

    Congratulations on being featured in Living France.

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