Happy New Year

Yes, I know its nearly the end of January, but life got in the way.

Anyway, I’m here now.

I gather there are 1.7 million Ha of forests in the SW of France and 60% of them have been damaged by the hurricane-force winds on Friday night.

France does have weather in bucket loads. In this gentle corner of central France we seem to be protected from the worst of it which ever direction it comes from, but even we had tempertures down to -12 degress C for a while earlier this month and snow lay on the ground for a week.

Even down on the Med they have had snow this year and Mimosa flower growers have had this and terrible winds to contend with. Our own Mimosa looked lovely with a bit of snow on it but now looks very ill indeed.

Mimosa in the snow

Mimosa in the snow

It remains to be seen what damage has been caused to potted plants but we put our Lemon trees in the dining room during the coldest period and they are looking fine: covered in plaster and brick dust, but otherwise fine.

We have invested in a new garden toy, a must-have for every real man in rural France: a chain saw. We were just about to rush out and buy one at around 350 Euros when Chantal was taken down by a bug (the too much wine bug?). Anyway, I decided to see what Ebay may have for us, expecting little, as the French reallyhaven’t got the hang of it. The Germans have, however and before long we had successfully bid for a shiny new orange 2-stroke chainsaw for 66 Euros delivered.

I too have been hiding in bed for a week feeling sorry for myself so the toy has yet to be tested. Watch this space to see how long it takes me to blow it up / cut my hand off / kill next doors’ cat………


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