First Day of Spring?

Just a touch of frost this morning, but what a gorgeous day followed. After working on a clients plan for a few hours I needed little excuse to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Walking the dog by the river, watching the swans feeding and socialising, we eventually reached the old mill, where Snowdrops – Perce-Neige –  Galanthus nivalis –   were flowering in huge drifts on a shady lawn.

Poodle posing in the Snow drops - the old mill at Chabris

Poodle posing in the Snow drops - the old mill at Chabris

A liitle more work done on the computor and we were out again, our excuse this time the need to do some planting in the little garden we have set aside for our ‘gite’ guests. We dug the soil (dreadful stuff dumped there by builders) and planted a little composition in the sunniest corner: Cupressus Goldcrest at the back, Weigela florida nana variegata to one side, an un-named yellow Cytisus to the other and a clump of purple Heuchera in the middle.

All the plants came from an English nursery; we find them to be cheaper and better than over here in France. We are also disappointed to discover that when we do bite the bullet and buy French plants they will not replace any losses you might have in the way that we have come to expect in the UK. We recently informed a French nursery by email that we had lost one of their plants over the winter. His reply was rapid and unequivical: it was not his problem.

We were nursery hunting last week, when we visited a huge trade show in Angers, Salon du Vegetal. There were nurseries, equipment suppliers and other horticultural specialists exhibiting from all over Europe, but very few flying the British flag. This is a pity, given the oportunities over here, especially with the pound so low against the Euro. The company you see everywhere is David Austin Roses and again they were on hand with French speaking sales staff and apparently doing good business.


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