Today, I am mostly reading…….

It took us a little while to realise that if we wanted mail delivered we are obliged to install a regulation-type post box out on the street. It’s in shiney green metal and comes with a lock that the postman has a master key to.

Heaven only knows what mail was lost, rushing backwards and forwards between departments of the Post Office dealing with post from our (closed) UK office, our house in Bedfordshire and here in France, before we finally realised why no-one was talking to us.

Now that that’s sorted we recieve, along with junk mail in two languages, both French and English gardening, garden design and horticulture magazines, brochures and catalogues; its a job to keep up with it all.  I’m also skimming through several months-worth of magazines I discovered on the hallway floor when I nipped back to the UK recently!

For me and my UK clients its important that I keep up to date with what is going on over there while here I have a whole new industry to learn about and a new vocabulary to come to terms with.

Daphne odora Marianni

Daphne odora Marianni

There are also new plants to admire, like this Daphne odora variety I spotted at a show recently.


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