Snow in a French garden? Surely not….

It’s my own fault of course. Just a few days ago I was being smug about our climate in an article I was writing for an English magazine. ” Here in central France….I feel you those of you in less equitable climes….”

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun to return.

Well, we had two inches of powder snow this afternoon and tempertures were low. Pixie, our standard poodle, was having great fun gambling about in it until she realised she was standing on 4-inch high-heels of  ice and compressed snow and demanded to have it removed.

It all looks pretty enough but I have an appointment in the wilds of the Sologne tomorrow so we will see what it looks like out there: if we can get out there.

The inheated Victorian conservatory which acts as our porch has a number of holes in the roof, so there were also patches of snow inside, decorating the tree fern and Grannies Chistmas Cactus. It does offer very valuable protection both to the house and the plants stored under glass and temperatures are  six degrees higher inside than out: and no wind (that’s the killer).

Snow in the conservatory
Snow on the tree fern in the conservatory

Out in the garden all is peaceful.


4 thoughts on “Snow in a French garden? Surely not….

  1. Lovely photos. I would be in shock to see snow in my garden, even tho temps can and do go down into the 20’s. Frost, but never snow here north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Although…. I once saw a dusting alongside the highway going into San Francisco!
    Happy holidays, and happy to find you on Blotanical!
    aka Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel

  2. Love the snow on the “Snail Maker”–I have my own lovely gargoyle shots and Pere Lachaise photos I look at longingly–wishing I was back in your neck of the woods! Glad to have found your blog.


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