French Plant Photographs

A more colourful post today, making up for the lack of photos in the last one….I had complaints!

Iris germanica

Iris germanica Cote d'Or

If last month was Wisteria and Lilac season, this month it is the turn of Iris germanica varieties, which are to be found in all gardens around the village, in all possible variations of colour. In our own garden we have few: a couple brought from the UK, two or three given to us by neighbours. Three were bought last year from the famous Iris French breeder Cayeux of Giens ( and a white one came from family friend and UK Iris judge Ray Jeffs, unnamed as far as I am aware, which we obtained from my Mother-in-Law in Bordeaux.

Cote d’Or is a fantastic golden yellow while multicoloured Intrepide links this colour to the third of our Cayeux Irises,  a white with broad purple-pink edges called Ravissant.

Iris germanica Intrepide

Iris germanica Intrepide

We have planted the Jeffs variety in the White Garden, where Frost and Flame has just finished flowering. We await the Mock Orange (Philadelphus) blossom with impatience.

Many other Mediterranean plants are also flowering now: French Lavender Victory is planted close to a pink Helianthemum. Sharing the common name rock rose is Cistus Silver Pink, whose delicate flowers are just beginning to open. Our light, sandy soil suits these plants very well.

Garden Deesign Academy

Rock Rose and French Lavender in our garden at Chabris


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