French garden in the November snow 2010

Heather - Erica carnea - in the snow

Did I say yesterday that we might have snow?

A snow blanket over the flowers outside the church in Chabris, France


Well, we did, with North Indre / South Indre et Loir taking the brunt of it after escaping the worst for several days.

Today has been ideal weather for the kids, many of whom have been unable or unwilling to go to school – snowmen and ski tracks are appearing all around the town.

The woods were beautiful when we walked the dog earlier as you can see from the photograph and when we returned we grateful to have work to do in the warmth of our home; an interesting assignment from one of our Garden History students kept me busily reading for much of the morning.

Snow in the woods, Chabris, Loire Valley, France


2 thoughts on “French garden in the November snow 2010

    • They are saying on the TV that Orleans, just down the road, recorded the lowest temperature ever at -15.3 degrees; worst is to come tomorrow, they say. Lots of snowy photos to come, I guess!

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