First cuckoo, first plant fair, first day of spring

Spring arrives officially tomorrow but here in central France the gardens and streets have been full of colour for a week or more and during our Friday (18th March) morning walk we heard our first cuckoo. Last year it was 24th while In 2009 we had to wait until 27th March. I make no comment about global warming, disasters in Japan or anything else: it is delightful to hear his call.

We have been visited by a potential student of garden design who made the long journey from Switzerland to come and see us, arriving yesterday, staying the night and leaving mid day today. A pleasant time was had by all and I hope we will be working together shortly. As well as discussing garden design courses we were pleased to show off the new classroom, our progress in the garden and the great Sauvignon Blanc wine the region produces.

Cheverny is one of the great chateaux of central France (made additionally famous for featuring in a Tintin story) and this year it is hosting the Fete des Plantes normally hosted by Chateaux de Beauregard. As the first show of the season we are looking forward to the trip, one of several we have planned for the next few months.


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