The World’s most expensive Snowdrop

Just two weeks ago I made the Snowdrop our Plant of the Week on Pinterest and noted that new varieties can fetch very high prices.

Hot off the press comes news that yesterday, after a bidding frenzy involving 30 enthusiasts, Thompson & Morgan, the Ipswich based mail order plant and seed company, acquired the world’s most expensive snowdrop, Galanthus woronowii ‘Elizabeth Harrison’ for £725. This is a unique and striking variety with a golden yellow ovary and yellow petal markings. The price is almost double the previous world record price for a single rare bulb of Galanthus ‘Green Tear’ sold for £360 last year.

Thompson & Morgan hopes to be able to reproduce this variety but  Galanthus are notorious for their slow rates of multiplication. They hope to be able to produce it in large numbers by tissue culture, as they did when they purchased the world’s first Black Hyacinth ‘Midnight Mystique’ in 1998 for £50,000 a bulb. It took 15 years before it was available to the general public and since that time demand has always outstripped stock.

Last year T&M sold over 1 million snowdrops; the stunning snowdrop Galanthus woronowii ‘Elizabeth Harrison’ was named after the owner of the garden where it first appeared as a unique seedling in a Scotland a few years ago.

See for offers on Snowdrop bulbs (but not this one!)

3 thoughts on “The World’s most expensive Snowdrop

  1. I honestly dunno why on earth people would pay that much for a snowdrop. I think their money could be be used way more well on other good goals!!!!! Stunning pic by the way!

    • Why would anyone pay £750 for a snowdrop? I guess the answer is quite simply that T&M expect to make money out of it when they have propagated sufficient to start selling the variety. Their customers may be prepared to pay £5 or £10 for one; if they can produce and sell, say 100,000…..well, you do the maths.

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