Ebooks and the death of the hardback

Our latest article on the Garden Design Academy blog discusses the death of the gardening book. What do you think? Will the ebook soon replace the real thing?



5 thoughts on “Ebooks and the death of the hardback

  1. Hope not, I couldn’t do without my collection of beautifully printed gardening and other reference books – a disaster and a step towards no more original artworks too? There is a place for ‘electronic’ publishing obviously but I will still hunt out and be prepared to pay for books!

  2. Although I read ebooks and enjoy the convenience of the medium, I will always cherish my gardening books from the old favourites to newly acquired ones. While the internet is a fantastic tool for research and communication There’s nothing quite like leafing through the pages of a big hard back gardening book. Amongst my favourites are, Outdoors by Diarmund Gavin & Terence Conran. Treehouses of the world by Pete Nelson. The Garden Source Book by Andrea Jones. Gardens without Boundaries By Paul Cooper. Also a rather quirky one. Gardens of Obsession by Gordon Taylor & Guy Cooper. Thanks for reminding me to look at them. Time to switch the computer off.

  3. I sure hope not. Garden books are loved because of their pictures, and just like any other photos, you can’t beat the real thing. Browsing through a book on the sofa will never go out of favour.

  4. howdy, i’m so cuffed that i found your blog
    I will be sharing this! – real estate development is a
    passion of mine and and your “Ebooks and the death of the hardback | A Gardener in France” article is surely really good work.

    keep it comming I’ll no doubt be back again real soon!

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